Camp Paradise Valley – Burkesville, Kentucky

Imagine what a week at summer camp could do for an underprivileged or at-risk child; where a troubled youth could exchange steaming asphalt and streaming fire hydrants for trees, grass, lakes and open spaces, replacing a world of boredom for adventure, challenge and growth. That is what The Salvation Army’s camping ministry is all about. Its goal is to help each camper grow physically, socially, educationally and spiritually. Kids of all ages, from all over the community with diverse backgrounds, learn about each other, nature and most importantly, a loving God.

Since the 1960’s, The Salvation Army has owned and operated a camping sanctuary called Camp Paradise Valley, nestled in among 400 acres at Dale Hollow Lake on the Kentucky-Tennessee border. For children living in the Louisville area and all over Kentucky and Tennessee, Camp Paradise Valley provides an experience that is more than a pleasant vacation; it is often life-changing. Children learn new skills and self-reliance; trained counselors who understand their emotional needs and problems help them mature. The Salvation Army’s Camp Paradise Valley offers a place where eyes are opened, lives are enriched and souls are nurtured.

We believe each child is special and unique. That’s why a powerful sense of spirituality, motivated by the love of God, pervades all that is offered and taught, and why we strive to make their experience at Camp Paradise Valley something each child will remember, treasure and reflect upon throughout his or her entire life. That’s what The Salvation Army’s Camping Ministry is all about.

We hope you’ll see the value of a summer-camp experience and realize the need to help make such an experience happen for every child in our area who wants to take part. Please consider donating. It’s easy to do and you can be confident that every penny of your donation goes to help send these children to camp.