Sweet success for a local Culinary Program graduate

Sugar by Stacy, where delightful made from scratch homemade cakes, pies, cookies & deserts are just a phone call away!
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Stacy Martin never had any intention of becoming an entrepreneur, but after giving birth to triplets some 13 years ago, the mother of seven knew that she’d have to figure out a way to save money somehow. Triplets meant three birthdays cakes, three orders of cupcakes for their classrooms, and three of everything else. For a mother battling degenerative disc disease sustained after a work injury and now a stay-at-home mom, she needed an outlet to give her purpose again and keep moving. So, Stacy began to learn the art of making cakes, all kinds of cakes; often searching the Web for ideas, designs and recipes.


Eventually she began coming up with her own recipes, making cakes and an array of sweet treats for family and friends. With the help of her oldest son, he began to advertise his mother’s new found talent on his social media accounts and the orders began coming in with a flurry, some from around the Midwest and even outside the U.S. But something was missing says Martin. She needed to round out her culinary skills, not just for her new hobby, but to be able to properly take care of her growing family. That’s when she heard about The Salvation Army’s Culinary Training Program and jumped in.


“I learned so much about cooking, mostly that what I’d been doing for most of my life was wrong. I learned new techniques, tried new spices and sauces, learned about the business side of things; It was a life-changing experience.”


By the time she graduated in January of 2017, her cake business was becoming too much of a burden to continue operating out of her home, where countless strangers were coming to pick up their orders. She knew she needed a space of her own. A place where she could follow her passion and create her culinary confections. With the help of her husband David and a loan from his 401K, the duo opened a storefront business in downtown Louisville called Sugar By Stacy where Martin’s been immersed in baking cakes for nearly every occasion, even taking advantage of the summer wedding season.


“This is a dream come true, my life, this business, having such tremendous support from family, friends and The Salvation Army. The Culinary Program was a stepping-stone to following my dreams and isn’t that what living is all about? Without that opportunity, I would’ve never been able to achieve what I’ve accomplished to this point. I am forever grateful.”